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About us.

We are pomme3D. A digitally minded design team based in Brussels. We are specialized creative retouching, fashion retouching, photorealistic 3D images, 2D & 3D illustration.

We’ve worked with some pretty great people at some pretty awesome companies. We also spend time working on self-initiated projects.

Our experience will help guide you along the production process: from first meeting to the day of the photo shoot trough the final delivery.

What we do.

Creative retouching.

With a background in Photography, and after years of working in the creative field, we developed a keen eye for lighting, composition and color balance.

Fashion retouching.

We have been retouching images for books, magazines, fashion campaigns, commercials, photo studios since 2001.

3D & 2D Illustration.

We are 2D and 3D artist. We create illustrations, design characters, game assets and visualisations.


Before the shoots happens, we go over things such as staffing requirement, outsourcing needs, equipment and potential set locations.

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